A Haunted EP

by apollo and Lacuna

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released February 1, 2012




apollo and Lacuna Nashville, Tennessee

Definitively progressive with use of odd time signatures and key changes, apollo and Lacuna's music takes blues-rock in a whole different direction, taking on the carnal folk style of Iron & Wine, the subtle whispers of Simon & Garfunkel, the beautiful oddities of Sigur Ros, and the blues infused pop of John Mayer. It's clear that apollo and Lacuna reaches for a more evolved musical experience. ... more

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Track Name: Without You
Fell back on love was it more than the roses
A poor man's gilded pennies
Fell back in love because her eyes were even deeper
But still her heart flew from me

A lonely soul moves so much slower I know
I'll always feel alone as I am without you

While still not over you I wish to say this to your face
I'll keep my word for you always
And when I come back together I'll know that I am here
Because I am without you

A lonely soul moves so much slower I know
I'll always feel alone as I am without you
As long as I am without you
Forever I am without you

Fell back in love in a whole way
But still her heart flew from me
Track Name: Nightingale
She arrived late at my window
Her voice loosed wonder I suppose
I know she didn't belong here
As time disappeared she stayed
And sang a song of beauty

In the dark she sings
The little nightingale sings me to sleep
In the middle of the night she really shouldn't be here
Not even together and never forever
So fly far away nightingale
I never loved you anyways

The woodman taught you how to walk
Did you not know you were made to fly
He aims to hold you to the ground so
Turn around now fly away

I'm always at war within my head
It'll clear when I defeat the fear of failing
Harder this time
So I'll sing goodbye
Track Name: Lorelei
Lorelei don't give up yet
I see the sea and the sea watches me
Lorelei don't give up yet
I want to fly, fly far away

I heard him laughing
A lazy smile that he stole
A conversation
Lead down one lonely road

Came close together
So close the cold band forgot
A cruel beginning
For a treasure sought

I ran from hurt, but surely it found me
It's time to sink
To sink or to swim
It's to sink or swim
Darlin' don't sink
Track Name: This Turbid Sea
Can you feel the water rushing by
It soothes my body
I want to lose myself in it
Grab my hand here we will flow together
Here we go on 3
I'm liquefied
Look out

Where is the way in this turbid sea

Now I don't know if the hand I hold is yours
I miss you so much
Squeeze twice if you know me
I'm shaking because it's so cold and so dark
Here we go on 3
I'm petrified
Look out

Where is the way
I don't know the way
Where is the way in this turbid sea

Where is the way
My sight is hazy
Where is the way
My sight is gone

Can't see the way out of here
Take me home
Track Name: Haunted
Can't say that I missed you
You never were what I planned
You came to me with naught to offer
But shackles to place on my hands
I want it to end

I never took to you well
I was never more than half pleased
Came running every time things weren't easy
And gladly became diseased
I want it to end
I need it to end

I'm haunted all of my days
I feel her when she calls out my name
I want her gone
Gone away

My thoughts and dreams are but tainted
And the shadows advance on my soul
A cold embrace would only please the wretched one
And God I want to be free
I need to be free